September 2001


September 1: I bet you didn't know...

September 2: Revisionist Week in Review

September 3: Doug Collins: On Orwell and Israel

September 4: Excerpted from the Zundel Power Letter

September 5: Relentless agitation against Germany - 1933

September 6: Thank "Holocaust" reparations precedent for this Pandora's Box!

September 7: Slowly the tables are turned...

September 8: Israel, Zionism, and the Racial Double Standard

September 9: Revisionist Week in Review

September 10: What if?

September 11: The end of a world that we knew

September 12: Some thoughts on sanity

September 13: Orient Express

September 14: America in mourning - and rage

September 15: A Call to Sanity: An Essay by Robert Jensen

September 16: A Call to Sanity: An Essay by Allan Savory

September 17: A Call to Sanity: Learning from the September 11 Attacks

September 18: A Call to Sanity: An Essay by Ian Macdonald

September 19: Press Release: How Palestinians react to the September 11 attack

September 20: Suspension of habeus corpus

September 21: Lessons of Holocaust Compensation

September 22: Who's monitoring our e-mail?

September 23: The New World Order: Then and Now

September 24: Churchill in the historical revisionist light

September 25: Let's play let's pretend

September 26: Truth as the first casualty in war

September 27: Hate crimes committed against Arabse

September 28: One Year into the Second Intifadan


September 30: Revisionist Week in Review