SHAMIR: You won't say "boo" to a goose, let alone the Jewish lobby.

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Good morning from the Zundelsite:

I always get flak from my compatriots when I post or mail something a 
Jew might have written.  I know all the arguments and largely agree 
with them - it's not the Eskimos who plague us morning, noon, and 
night.  However, the exception proves the rule, does it not? 

I consider Shamir and a handful of other Jews I have come to know the 
exceptions.  I have taken the trouble to get to know them over the 
years, and they have passed my private test of substance and 
integrity.  That's more than I can say of some in our ranks - and 
that is all I want to say for  now.   

In the brief message below, written by Shamir, he makes the point 
that he resents being the fig leaf for half-baked aficionados who 
treat him like their "pet Jew" - the advertising billboard to let the 
world know that they are not holding their noses.  I can say that I 
know first-hand the mirror story to that situation - people who treat 
Ernst, and me, as their "pet Nazi" - just for the rush of it. 

Just as Shamir resents it, we resent it.  There's more to us than the 
image created by lapdog media for self-serving reasons.  Get to know 
us, find out who we truly are, and then stand by our side like men 
and women of true grit - or get the dickens out of the way!  This is 
not a struggle for ninnies!

Below is Shamir's poignant message:


Dear friends,

   I published my letter to the Dutch friends on my site - and it is very relevant to many of my German 
friends, too. And here is my letter to my Dutch (and not only Dutch) 
friends who are so permanently scared that [they] run for cover at 
the first attack of the adversary; who had asked me to place a link 
or to bless their activity until they came to recognise that I am not 
a lighting rod, nor an insurance policy against such an attack.

Then they ask me to resign, to remove the link or to submit to 
questioning. This is a letter for those innocents who still think 
that I may serve them as their pet Jew in order to deal with the 
Palestinian tragedy; here I spell out my disagreement with this role. 

   I have received the article in the Telegraaf and have written a 
response which you may attempt to publish. I have a problem, and it 
is not with de Haas' writing, but with you. He is an obvious enemy, 
and he considers me an enemy. He stands for the subjugation of 
Palestine, for war in Iraq, for the destruction of Iran, for 
exclusion of Islam, he is against the Church and Christ; and he 
probably curses apostates like me during his morning prayer as his 
faith demands.

I really do not care about his views. I am upset about the weak knees 
of our friends. You are too fearful, submitting at first demand. You 
won't say "boo" to a goose, let alone the Jewish lobby.

As a result, you are forever carrying out our adversaries' agenda, 
busily condemning the Iranian President and the Malaysian Prime 
Minister whenever they stray from the narrow path drawn by the enemy.

Instead of condemning Israel for stopping Mohammed Mahathir from 
praying in the Al-Aksa Mosque, you object to his talk of Jewish 
power. Instead of condemning Israeli threats  of bombing Iran, you 
discuss the Iranian President's words. Instead of discussing the real 
issue of the equality of Jew and non-Jew, you ask me for my 
biography. You retreat too easily.

Now you wish to sacrifice me in order to keep an immaculate 
appearance. In vain : when you show your weakness, it will be 
exploited to the full.

A young Cabbalist Joseph della Reina trapped Satan in a magic 
pentagram (so sayeth a story told in Safed, in Galilee), and asked 
him to release the captive soul of Messiah. Satan agreed on one 
condition: let della Reina light a small candle in his honour.

Reina thought of it - a small sacrifice! And lit the candle.

Immediately Satan was free, and he threw della Reina all the way from 
Safed to Tiberias. His tomb is still shown to pious pilgrims.

This is a lesson for you, for us all - do not bend even a little tiny 
bit, for otherwise you will end like Joseph della Reina. This is 
unless the enemy is right and you do not deserve equality. 

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