Articles and Commentary - 2006


•   A Visit in Prison with Ernst Zündel

•   A recent Zundel Letter

•   Ushering another International Holocaust Conference in Argentina!!!

•   At the Iranian Holocaust Conference: Dr. Faurisson at his best!

•   Bizarro Heresy Zundel Trial: Judge orders five (!) policemen to prevent eight-year-old
from shaking Ernst's hand!

•   My Holocaust Problems - A Primer for Beginners!

•   Update on the Zundel Case

•   Important update - Report about the Zundel Hearing October 4, 2006

•   Important Revisionist News

•   A Zundel letter on guerrilla warfare

•   A superbly written essay by Mark Green

•    The Letter We Are Not Supposed to Read (Full Text of Pres. Ahmadinejad's Letter
to German Chancellor)

    •   Ten key questions for Israeli Zionist: From an Argentine citizen...

•   Deir Yassin Remembered Video available

•   The Haverbeck Defense

•   Sylvia Stolz, "a German Joan of Ark", charged with "Holocaust Denial"

•   Additional Court Summary and Zundel Commentary

•   Summary of Zundel Holocaust Heresy Hearings July 20-21, 2006

•   Letter out of Mannheim Prison: Ernst Zundel's Take on German Soccer

•   Important comprehensive update of the Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial

•   Zundel Letter from Mannheim Prison

•   Extremely important "Der Spiegel" interview

•   Brief summary of today's hearing in the Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial

•   A Zundel Letter out of Mannheim Prison to Dr. Robert Faurisson

•   Letter from the Iranian President to President Bush

•   Ingrid Rimland declines "safe conduct" invitation by German court

•   Update on the Mannheim Holocaust Heresy Trial / April 26, 2006

•   Holocaust Enforcer News Update

•   Safe Conduct?" for Ingrid Zundel to testify in Germany

•   Spaniard Revisionist, Pedro Varela, arrested

•   Update on the Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - and some reflections
on historical sea changes

•   Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - Breaking story ... - Sylvia Stolz
Removed from Court

 •   "Some US prisons are no better than Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay"

•   Important Bulletin in English and German! Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial
to continue 5 April!

•   Thin Ice: Kevin Strom ADV Interview with Mark Weber - David Irving,
•   Ernst Zundel, and 'Holocaust Denial' Laws

•   Ernst Zundel commenting on media coverage

•   Important: Update on the Zundel Saga

•   Brief update on the imprisoned Revisionists in Europe

•   Update on the Holocaust Heresy Trial

•   An Open Letter to Judge Meinerzhagen on the Eve of the Zundel Heresy Trial

•   It is telling that the Cartoon counter-attack is against the Holocaust, the West's
new religion, and not against Christianity!

•   The Taboo Quality of the Holocaust

•   Egyptian Parliament refuses to observe "holocaust"

•   Tehran gives world leaders a history lesson they'd rather forget

•   How Argentina evaluates the Holocaust Industry

•   Press action: Let Ernst Zundel and David Irving Go Home

•   Avoiding the Trap

•   A Zundel letter from the German Gulag