Who are the Terrorists?

March 13, 1996

Toronto Star

Dear Sir:

During World War II Germany was condemned by Allied propagandists mainly for her alleged harsh treatment of non-Germans who came under German control. The suppression of free speech, imprisonment without trial, laws against intermarriage, torture to obtain confessions, medical experiments, racial pride, execution of "resistance fighters" etc. were all portrayed as ample justification for war and for vengeance.

One of the more evocative examples of German brutality was the razing of the village of Lidice in Czechoslovakia as collective punishment for the assassination by two resistance fighters of the German Governor of the country.

Today, we have an almost exact parallel in Palestine. Aggression, occupation, subjugation, freedom fighters, collective punishment, imprisonment without trial, torture to obtain confessions, medical experiments, concentration camps, razing of villages, nationalist arrogance, laws against intermarriage and-worse than the most heartless German Gestapo tactic-the shooting of children in the streets of their homeland.

This time, far from going to war against the offending regime we grant it favors, praise its accomplishments and pluck, and condemn its victims as "terrorists" when they have the courage to resist.

When I enlisted in the RCAF Aircrew I was a young idealist willing to risk my life (as were my friends, many of whom died) to rid the world of injustice and to rescue the righteous Jews from Hitler's clutches. Is it any wonder that we veterans feel betrayed?


Ian Macdonald