Jewish Wartime Losses

Your lengthy article of March 7, purportedly "Shedding new light on the Holocaust", did little more than repeat tired Zionist hate propaganda: "plot to exterminate Europe's Jews", "death camps", "Six Million Jews killed", "bureaucratic murder", "mass murder", "the final solution", etc. etc.

It is passing strange that the Globe & Mail, in the face of compelling evidence both demographic and scientific to the contrary, continues to portray the "Holocaust" as fact while even organized Jewry now admits that the gassing of the Six Million was a gross exaggeration. To quote from Rabbi Gunther Plaut's column in the Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 9, 1989: "Professor Yehuda Bauer of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, recognized as one of the greatest students of the Holocaust, says that four million could indeed not have been killed at Auschwitz, and that by inflating the numbers of the victims we play into the hands of the Revisionists. . . the number of Jews gassed was 1,323,000 plus 29.800, a total of 1,350,000."

Inexplicably, this startling and presumably happy reincarnation of almost three million supposed victims went completely unremarked by the Globe & Mail.

Prof. Bauer's recantation was reinforced by anti-Nazi German historian Wolfgang Scheffler who testified at the Finta trial that "the previous figure of four million killed at Auschwitz has been revised to about 1 million." (CP January 9, 1990)

Further confirmation of the propaganda genesis of the Holocaust appears in wartime documents recently released by the British Foreign Office, including an internal memorandum (F0371/15252) to Cavendish-Bentinek from Roger Allen stating that references to "gas chambers" were "usually, if not always vague . . . and emanated from Jewish sources" based on "evidence which is far from conclusive", prompting Cavendish-Bentinek to reply (Aug. 27, 1943) that "the Jews tend to exaggerate German atrocities in order to stoke us up. They seem to have succeeded. As regards to gas chambers, I do not believe that there is any evidence. There have been many stories, and we have played them up. . . without believing that they had any foundation".

Apparently, "freelance journalist" Carol Rosenberg has difficulty distinguishing between documents and lurid TV "docudramas"! June 4, 1990


Ian Macdonald