The Goldhagen Tour de Farce: Racial Guilt

The Holocaust Industry has vaulted a vile and racist book written by one Daniel Goldhagen to stardom on the New York Times best-seller list. Whether one considers this work, "Hitler's Willing Executioners", an unintentional self-parody of the most irresponsible "Holocaust" literature or a brazen attempt to counter (with sheer chutzpah) the ever-mounting and conclusive evidence against the long-mandatory "6 million" figure, two things are certain:

Alfred Knopf, the once-respected publishing name, has besmirched itself by issuing this work dripping with racist venom against an entire people and one filled with lies to fire the hatred it incites. Whether one finds this book outrageously vile or unintentionally hilarious - take your pick - it is the product of a twisted mind in a perverse era.

Goldhagen makes the accusation - unsupported, as usual, because it is indefensible - that Germans "extinguished the lives of 6 million Jews." Yet he doesn't stop there. Apparently, the lack of evidence of any such slaughter is driving those who make their living and meeting their political goals by keeping the Holocaust myth alive, to claim that all Germans are "guilty" of this alleged atrocity, including, logically, white Americans, the majority of whom have German blood in their veins. Using the same logic, would not all Russians bear the responsibility for the 20 million slaughtered by their Soviet leaders, or Jews themselves for the atrocities perpetuated upon the uprooted and defenseless Palestinians who have been killed in the thousands by the Israeli army?

Goldhagen proceeds with his "scholarly" assessment of the inborn evil that inhabits all Germans, knowing full well it has been totally impossible for any serious researcher to seriously represent the 6 million myth since January 1995. It was at that time that the entire establishment media was forced to admit (in the back pages, buried beneath the fold in most cases) that just slightly more than one million, not four million, peopled died at Auschwitz in Poland, not all of them Jews.

On January 26, 1995 a special report to the Washington Post out of Poland by correspondent Sharon Waxman was headed "An Accounting at Auschwitz." It was picked up by the New York Times and by newspapers and media outlets across the country. It stated that Auschwitz curator Franciszek Piper "has known for years how many people (really) died at the concentration camp called 'Auschwitz".

Waxman wrote that in 1986, following "meticulous research," Piper compared the losses claimed in each European country with deportation documents in the museum's archives." Piper found that the number who perished at Auschwitz was not the long-contented 4 million, but "between 1.1 million and 1.5 million victims, 90 percent of them European Jews."

It was not until 1991 - five years later - after the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel published Piper's findings - that the museum admitted the change, removing a sign recalling "4 million" at Auschwitz II, called Birkenau, site of the main "gas chambers" and crematoria.

Now it boils down to simple arithmetic. If 3 million fewer Jews were slain at Auschwitz than the "experts" long contended, then this number must be subtracted from 6 million. The result is three million, not 6 or 10 million or whatever figure the Holocaust Industry uses in any given situation. (Note our editorial reprinted from the March, 1995 issue on the facing page).

Mind you, this story broke in 1991, but did not reach the American media until last year. Only the "extremists" persisted in challenging it, until the New York Times and the Establishment media were forced to recognize it last year. It took nine years for the 1.1 to 1.5 million figure to replace the 4 million, that former Auschwitz figure being crucial to the contention that 6 million Jews were killed.

Over the decades, the 6 Million took on a religious overtone, never questioned, never debated, and accepted as a matter of faith. It has been slavishly repeated 6 million times by dutiful journalists, timid teachers and professors, tearful preachers and politicians and pious pundits; not to mention "intellectuals" beyond count.

In any sane society, if it became known that millions of people believed to have been murdered were in fact alive following an awful tragedy; if it were discovered that a vast percentage of those assumed dead were indeed "survivors", such news would be greeted with cheers and relief. But the "6 Million" mantra, endlessly repeated, has been ruthlessly used as a club by the interests behind the high-stakes game played by the professional Holocaust promoters. They realize that the truth might set millions of citizen-taxpayers, here, in Germany and elsewhere, free to question the outrageous moral and financial impositions currently imposed upon them by Israel, the Holocaust's chief beneficiary.

Even in the face of the implosions of the "6 million" figure, the courts and lawmakers of Germany, France, Canada etc. continue to hound, prosecute and jail those who publicly dispute what is now an admitted fraud.

Newspapers have recently recounted the tale of Abbe Pierre, an 82-year-old priest, a noted humanitarian with leftist leanings and one of France's most beloved figures. Abbe Pierre, often referred to as the "Mother Theresa" of France, defended the publication of a new book, "The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics", and, what's worse, praised its contents. It was written by Brother Pierre's long-time friend Roger Garaudy, a French communist and famed academic and author who displayed rare courage by questioning the "Holocaust." For his courage in the face of France's draconian hate laws, the priest was forced to seek refuge in a Benedictine monastery in Italy. But facts are no defense against apostasy, particularly when the Inquisitors have so successfully cowed their flock.

Interestingly, in the years immediately following World War II, the professional Holocaust promoters (at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Vienna and elsewhere) magically elevated previously established Auschwitz figures to the 4 million range. This was due to the fact that huge postwar mortality claims of alleged victims of the camps within the Western Allied zones of occupation (such as Dachau) were shown to be patently spurious. This devious manipulation, strictly for monetary gain, set the stage for enshrining the 6 million as holy writ.

And should you think that the Holocaust Industry is at all chastened by mere facts, you should read the new fundraising letter sent out by the U.S. (as a U.S. taxpayer supported) Holocaust Museum in Washington. Believe it or not, the letter claims the museum keeps alive "the story of how more than 10,000.000 human beings were systematically and ruthlessly murdered. . ."

As the facts bring the actual numbers of Jewish deaths down, the Holocaust industry is not sitting still; indeed, they are rising to the occasion and meeting the challenge with unparalleled chutzpah. They continue to label those who seek factual accountings "haters" and "anti-Semites." Because of their promiscuous overuse, these smears no longer frighten many of those who would previously have been intimidated. So the promoters of the 6 million are reaching, straining to retain their stranglehold on the conscience of Western society by upping the ante. Now they are blaming an entire people. Such is the very definition of racism.

In other words, Holocaust promoters accuse others of what they are guilty of themselves.

As these absurdities mount, and as the facts of German treatment of Jews in World War II gradually become widely known, maybe we can free ourselves of the shackles placed on political and public discourse, our pocketbooks and our nation's good name by a foreign nation, Israel - which is itself the nation most guilty of genocide, racism and hatemongering, and profits from it handsomely to boot.

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