Substantiating the Claim

In his Cover Story on the "far right" (February 8, 1993) Kirk Makin refers to the "overwhelming evidence" that Six Million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis.

If such evidence exists, why has it not been published? Specifically, why was it not produced by the prosecution at the Zundel trials?

One possible explanation to this intriguing question was given by Prof. Raul Hilberg, the leading US Holocaust historian, who was called to testify at the first Zundel trial. Prof. Hilberg, under cross-examination and under oath, eventually conceded that "there is no evidence." (Professor Hilberg declined an invitation to appear at the second trial.)

Unless Mr. Makin can substantiate his claim, he should withdraw it-and apologize for breaching his publisher's normally high standard of journalistic integrity.


Ian Macdonald

February 10, 1993