Freedom of Expression vs. Sikh Sensibilities

What is happening to freedom of expression, Canadian sovereignty and the Globe's sense of proportions?

Despite its obvious news value, you allocated only 2 column inches on page 7 (Oct. 21) to the outbursts of dual-loyalist Liberal M.P. Robert Kaplan in defense of Sikh nationalists in their confrontation with native-born Canadians wishing to preserve RCMP traditions.

Obviously, it is Kaplan who should be accused of attempting to promote racial antagonism, not the patriotic Bill Hipson who appears to be doing nothing more than attempting to preserve his Canadian heritage.

It is indeed a topsy-turvy world if the consensus of a sovereign, democratic nation can be overcome by an elected politician acting on behalf of a tiny alien religious minority. Is this what the Americans call "reverse discrimination"?


Ian Macdonald

October 21, 1989