"Other Losses" vs. Jewish Losses

Rabbi "Wayne Allen" objects to the lack of reverence by John Gray in relegating alleged Jewish losses during the "Holocaust" to the end of his article on the alleged mass killing of German prisoners-of-war (Letters, Sept. 15). He objects also to Gray's daring to "equate the unspeakable brutality of the death camps with soldier deaths on the battlefield".

Would the Rabbi care to explain how a slow death from disembowelment is preferable to death from typhus, or from "gassing" as the "Holocaust" proponents would have it?

While he's at it, could he please provide some substantiation for the claim of Six Million Jewish martyrs, and method of execution? To the casual observer there seem to be an inordinate number of "survivors" in the circumstances, not to mention the recent appearance of the Leuchter Report which has not been refuted (a scientific analysis of the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz which established that the chambers had never been exposed to hydrogen cyanide gas and could not have been used for gassings without killing everyone in the neighborhood).

When the Rabbi has dealt successfully with these vital questions he will have done wonders for his credibility and performed a great service for his cause.


Ian Macdonald