Old Propaganda vs Current Reality

Globe & Mail

May 11, 1996

Dear Sir:

Perhaps not by coincidence, whenever Israel goes on a killing spree in the Middle East, there is an outbreak of evocative "Holocaust" stories in the North American media. Almost invariably, the stories portray Jews as blameless victims murdered in the name of mindless prejudice, whereas their enemies, especially the dispossessed Palestinians and others suffering under Israel rule or bombardment, are portrayed as malevolent, irrational ingrates and terrorists.

A typical timely resurrection of the Holocaust appeared in the Globe & Mail May 8 where you claim that the Germans "slaughtered. . . millions of Jews" (normally you state that Six Million had perished, a figure said by its proponents to be the "most documented statistic in history"). There is indeed evidence that large numbers of Jews were rounded up and held in concentration camps where some were murdered by fellow inmates, but there is no evidence of Jews having been put to death in "gas chambers", as claimed by propagandists. On the contrary, the credible evidence points to relatively benevolent treatment of Jewish detainees, certainly compared with that meted out by our Glorious Russian Ally to her targeted minorities. Many Jews may have died towards the end of World War II of disease and malnutrition, but if so, their fate is attributable to the Allied bombing of transport facilities, not to German brutality.

That the vast majority of Jews survived the camps is clear from both simple observation and authoritative population statistics, including those of official Jewish origin. Details appear in the book "The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry" by Walter N. Sanning, published in 1983 (ISBN 0- 939484-06-4).

Conscientious historians, including some Jews, are now agonizing over the realization that the "gassing of six million Jews" could not have taken place, that the Holocaust legend is a gigantic, self-serving hoax and that it could never survive scientific analysis. For this reason, elaborate measures are needed to protect it: open discussion must be stifled, strict censorship imposed and "Holocaust Denial" made a criminal offense.

Unfortunately, the unceasing, mind-numbing propagation of this ersatz Jewish calamity obscures the genuine holocausts taking place today, most deplorable of which is the genocide by sanctions of young children in Iraq. These tiny victims are accorded scant sympathy by the pro-Zionist Canadian media and even less by the hypocritical politicians responsible.

Ian Macdonald