Neglected Aboriginals

Your heading "Turbans acceptable" (Letter, Nov. 25) shows commendable magnanimity.

Very few nations would permit "foreigners" to tamper with their national symbols. Less commendable is your, and your correspondent's, obvious disdain for Canada's original inhabitants.

They are much more numerous than Sikhs, more typically Canadian and surely more deserving (having been dispossessed of their land, culture and self-respect for several centuries).

Furthermore, the "Indian" headdress is already a proud national symbol known throughout the world. It is aesthetically more pleasing than the turban. If accepted by the RCMP, it would not only enliven Canada's image but bring long-overdue recognition of the native people's hitherto successful attempts to integrate with their natural environment.

It reflects badly on us as Canadians that we have not already incorporated at least one symbol of the First Nations into our national regalia. History suggests that the RCMP would be an appropriate place to start.


Ian Macdonald

November 25, 1989