Holocaust Statistics

Your correspondent John Gray (article, September 2) states that "six million Jews died" in the World War II Holocaust and that "Cyclon B (sic) gas was responsible for most of the four million deaths" at Auschwitz.

This is not the first time that such sensationalist statistics have appeared in the Globe & Mail. Would it be too much to ask, in the name of responsible journalism, that you now substantiate the claim of six million Jewish victims and method of execution?

Failure to do so will simply embolden the revisionists and accentuate the sympathy now arising for the German PoW's who perished at the hands of our American and Russian allies and whose fate is only now being revealed.

In this regard, it is passing strange that the Canadian and American media show far greater concern and provide far more coverage for alleged Jewish casualties than they do for the very real, and well-documented, casualties of their own citizens.


Ian Macdonald

September 3, 1989