Exaggerated Commitments

(by Ian Macdonald)

June 28, 1996

The Globe and Mail

Dear Sir:

Madam Justice Rosalie Abella whom you quote June 28, 1996 expresses the noble sentiment that "you cannot be born in the shadow of the Holocaust without an exaggerated commitment to the pursuit of justice".

Most of the Jews of Israel are Holocaust survivors or "born in its shadow". Far from pursuing justice, they have been responsible for its denial on a scale without parallel among the Western democracies, subjecting the conquered Palestinians to loss of life and property, deportation, imprisonment without trial, torture, collective punishment, religious discrimination and racial segregation that would make even the most verkrampfte Afrikaner blush.

As for the "war's six million martyrs to injustice", presumably Madam Justice Abella refers to the Six Million Jews purported to have perished in Nazi Gas-ovens. The Second World War indeed produced many martyrs but the proportion of Jews in this category was relatively small, certainly no more than a fraction of the widely promoted Six Million figure. Since most serious Holocaust scholars acknowledge this reality, it was disingenuous of Madam Justice Abella to have attempted to give the figure credence by introducing it on a formal academic occasion. And unworthy of the Globe & Mail knowingly to have published such rank hypocrisy.

As ever,

Your sincerely,

Ian Macdonald