Editorial Misfeasance

Describing the Montreal-based multi-million dollar duty refund scam (G & M, August 5, 1991, buried on page B2) without mentioning Jews is the equivalent of reporting Custer's Last Stand without mentioning Indians, or perhaps World War II without mentioning Germans.

Unfortunately, this kind of self-censorship in the service of a powerful minority pressure group is becoming more and more prevalent in Canadian journalism. No doubt it proves expedient in the short term insofar as it forestalls charges of anti-Semitism and racism, or worse. Ultimately, the practice is self-defeating since it leads to loss of credibility and resentment on the part of mainstream Canadians who expect a higher standard from their national newspaper.

In this case your attempt to cover up the identity of the offenders is quite futile, since full details have been published in the Montreal Gazette which is freely available in most Canadian cities.


Ian Macdonald

August 5, 1991