"Designer of Flag"

Former fellow bureaucrat Patrick Reed credits the design of the "magnificent" new Canadian flag to the "superbly talented" Jacques St. Cyr, ably assisted and encouraged by Mr. Reid's Canadian Government Exhibition Commission.

In reality, of course, the red maple leaf design already had been in extensive use as a public and private Canadian "trade mark", most notably perhaps by Canada Packers Ltd.

At the time, many aesthetically and historically superior alternatives were available to the Government (including the popular and battle-tested Red Ensign); however, they were rejected by the Pearson internationalists in a determined effort to destabilize and unseat the traditionally conservative and ethno-centric founding races while colluding in the subversion, now virtually complete, of the political process by cosmopolitan elements serving essentially non-Canadian interests, a phenomenon which successor governments, both Liberal and Conservative, have done nothing to oppose.

Having sown the wind with the flag issue (followed by so-called Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, Third World Immigration and reckless social policies) the Government is now reaping the whirlwind of disunity and disintegration from which only a small sophisticated minority are profiting.


Ian Macdonald

August 7, 1990