Canada's Racial Future

Norman Inkster and Michael Valby may salivate at the prospect of a Canada dominated by Third World immigrants, but few members of the incipient White minority are likely to share their delirium.

Inkster's quoted sentiments notwithstanding, there is no inevitability about the change in Canadian complexions or demise of our British/European culture. If immigration is necessary, it could come readily in large volume, skilled and assimilable, from Eastern Europe and Britain if only the Canadian Government would abandon its Trudeauesqe preoccupation with "racial balance" which in practice has meant effective preference for visible minorities.

If indeed the majority of Canadians disapprove of the present immigration "policy" there can be little doubt that attitude would stiffen further in the face of an even larger future inflow of non-traditional immigrants. If so, the Inkster-Valpy prescription is nothing less than a sociological time bomb.


Ian Macdonald

March 16, 1990