"By Way of Deception":

We spoke briefly this morning concerning a letter I had written to the Globe & Mail September 30 under the title "Deceptive Review."

As you will see from the letter (enclosed) I challenge James Littleton's contention that the Canadian Government has not been infiltrated by Israeli agents. I provide some elaboration to demonstrate that I am in a position to pass judgment on the subject.

There has been no response to the letter, although I have called the Globe twice, once to make a small correction (in the 4th paragraph "place" should read "placed") and the second time to inquire whether in fact the letter had been received. In both cases I spoke to an answering machine attributed to a "Hugh McVicar" if I understood correctly.

Since there is no doubt about the topicality of Israeli subversion ("By Way of Deception" is a No. 1 bestseller) there must have been a compelling reason for the Globe's seemingly uncharacteristic reaction. If you can throw some light on the situation, I would like to hear from you.

The CBC also have attempted to avoid dealing with this issue and paid little attention to the book and its authors. Do the CBC and Globe perhaps have something in common? It has the makings of a fascinating story- but, then, who would publish it?

October 31, 1990