He Who Defines Controls: A Glance at the Media in Recent Weeks

(by Eric Blair)

Columnist Joseph Sobran once suggested The New York Times ought to be renamed "The Holocaust Update." I'm wondering now if that label mightn't be more fittingly applied to The Globe and Mail, which bills itself as "Canada's National Newspaper."

Take the Friday, March 15 issue, for instance:

On page 2, a headline reads [AP, Bonn]:"Nazi project seeks vacationers." This concerns a vacation resort which was started during the Hitler era and completed by the East German communist authorities. The gratuitous inclusion of the term "Nazi" in the title was clearly intended to steal some thunder from the emotive impact of the word.

On page 6, a headline banners: "Harassment of Jews rising: Propaganda on Internet blamed for incidents in Canada." The blurb acompanying the text reads: "We are witnessing an exponential growth in cyberhate." However, the article itself shows via statistics how an infinitesimal amount of anti-Semitic episodes in Canada has risen incrementally to a point where is can still be regarded as microscopic. A microscopic increase, as I say, for which the Interet receives the lion's share of the blame as portioned out by Canada's ever-vigilant Jewish community leaders.

On page 9, there's a long article titled "Auschwitz mini-mall sparks tension." It seems that the wrong people appear to be cashing in on the "Shoah business," hence the uproar over a planned shopping mall to be built across the street from the old Auschwitz site.

On the op-ed page [21], Harper's Magazine publisher, John R. MacArthur tears a strip off Pat Buchanan ["The ride of Patrick J. Buchanan"]. It contains this interesting and revealing little tidbit: "With a tight lid on so explosive a problem [the unconscionable layoffs of hundreds of thousands of very highly skilled white- and blue-collar workers across America], it doesn't take a Freud to understand the appeal of Mr. Buchanan. Along with his intolerance of our more marginal citizens, and his simultaneous tolerance of Nazis, comes a refreshing candour about corporate greed that is rarely heard in the stiflingly polite arena of mainstream public discussion."

To round out the picture for you, let me add The Globe that same Friday published a spate of articles underscoring in no uncertain terms precisely who the planetary bad guys are right now: the lead editorial "Ending state support for terrorism" took aim at several Arab and Islamic nations and organizations; an op-ed piece from The Economist bannered: "If Iran is the problem, what's the solution?" (This item, by the way, ran alongside a Michael Valpy column describing the bankruptcy--financial and moral--of Ontario's justice system, the same that will soon be asked to prosecute Ernst Zündel again!)

Other articles appeared bannering the following telltale headlines: "Reign of fear in Allah's name [p. 8], "U.S. pledges 100-million to fight terrorism: Clinton tells Israel help will be provided in tracking down Islamic militants" [p. 8], "Democracy still a foreign word in Turkey" [p. 9], "Arming Bosnian Muslims opposed" [p. 10], and so on.

Make "black" blacker, and "white" will necessarily turn out to be a lot whiter. That appears to be the gameplan being followed by The Globe's editorial board; their none-too-subtle strategy for mind control and New World Order propaganda.