The Battle for Truth in History

Your headline "Story of Second World War may be written next Century" quoting John Keegan . . . is misleading and disingenuous.

Many attempts have been made already in the present century by historians of integrity to publish the whole truth about World War II, but almost all have been ruthlessly suppressed by Western Governments, at the behest of and under pressure from Germany's enemies, notably organized Jewry. Deplorably, the media have been willing, if not enthusiastic partners in this campaign to deceive the public and to camouflage the sordid reality.

Of course, to the insightful Gentile observer it is outrageous to claim that World War II was "a good war for Canada" or anyone else, with the notable exception of Stalinism and Zionism. It is equally outrageous to suggest that war with Germany was necessary to avoid a "world-wide nightmare." It was war with Germany that precipitated the slaughter and subsequent multiplicity of postwar problems that now plague humanity and are becoming increasingly intractable.

It is self-evident (at least to historians who have not sold their souls to the politically correct Establishment) that W.W.II was an abomination contrived by special interest groups to weaken the Christian nations and to set the stage for the foundation of a Jewish state in Palestine. A secondary objection was the aggrandizement of the Soviet Union to create a balance of power which could be exploited by Zionists on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

Surely even the Editor, however commercially compelling the inclination to conform, must acknowledge (to himself, at least) that W.W.II was not a worthy cause, nor served any plausible interest of Western civilization. If war were inevitable, and perhaps it was for reasons other than those postulated by Granastein & Co., the only logical alliance, from the standpoint of western Gentile interests, would have been with Christian Germany against atheistic, tyrannical communism.


Ian Macdonald