Anti-German Hate Propaganda

June 27, 1993

William Morgan
Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
Dear Mr. Morgan:

For the record, here is yet another example of anti-German hate propaganda as purveyed by CBC/PM, this one broadcast April 20, 1993 as part of a program about the evacuation of the Warsaw Ghetto:

"When we saw Nazi (read German) blood on the streets of Warsaw. . . a great joy possessed us".

While the blood of various nationalities was flowing freely at the time, one does not expect to hear, 50 years after the alleged event, that certain people were so depraved and lacking in humanity as to rejoice in it simply because it was German.

If you are not by now convinced that this type of thing constitutes specific anti-German bias you should ask yourself whether the CBC would condone the broadcast of similar comment on the blood of Jews, or of any other non-German group, for that matter. Of course, it would not, no matter what the provocation.

To redress the wrong and to put the record straight, the CBC should commission an objective (as opposed to a self-serving Zionist) study on the origins and purposes of World War II, giving proper exposure to true German ambitions and to the meticulous, honest research of revisionist historians whose findings cast serious doubt on the media-touted, officially-endorsed victors' propaganda version of events. Such a study would meet with intense public interest (as was demonstrated by the "Valour & the Horror" series) and would help to restore confidence in the impartiality and integrity of public broadcasting.

Hoping to be of assistance, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Iam Macdonald