Anti-German Propaganda

Despite the momentous reforms and reconciliation which has taken place in Germany in recent years, Ian Kagedan and the B'nai B'rith are still belaboring us with World War II propaganda, the latest effort (Globe & Mail. October 2) on the eve of reunification, plumbing the depths of untimely impropriety.

A conscientious editor surely would not pass such blatantly partisan misinformation for publication as informed comment, unless of course he shared the author's prejudice or had himself a commitment to his cause.

Aside from the prevarication of the article ("Six Million Jews were exterminated," now known to be false) it shows incredible effrontery in preaching morality to a mighty nation (which has more than redeemed itself) and stunning hypocrisy in giving unqualified endorsement to the State of Israel despite that country's ruthless dispossession and oppression of the Palestinians.

Perhaps if the Globe & Mail knew more about the operations of the B'nai B'rith in North America, especially their efforts to stifle free expression, it would be less inclined to provide free publicity. \


Ian Macdonald

October 2, 1990