Zionist power stems from West's belief in "Holocaust" myth: Faurisson

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Zionist power stems from West's belief in "Holocaust" myth: Faurisson

TEHRAN, Nov. 9 (MNA) -- Following the designation of a day as 
"Holocaust Day" by the United Nations, the Mehr News Agency conducted 
an interview with French professor Robert Faurisson on November 2 
about the motivations behind this move. In the interview, the 
professor says that Zionists will not tolerate any questioning of the 
"Holocaust" and argues that the more the Western public believes in 
the "Holocaust", the more Muslims will be killed.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: As you know the UN General Assembly on Tuesday (November 1) passed 
a resolution designating January 27 as an international day of 
commemoration of the Jewish and other victims of the Holocaust. What 
is your view on the decision at this time?

Faurisson: For many years now I have been telling my acquaintances in 
the Muslim world that the Jews and the Zionists want to impose the 
religion of the alleged "Holocaust" of the Jews on the whole world. 
It is normal that Jews and Zionists should seek to foist such an 
imposture on us, for it is the sword and the shield of the Jews in 
general and of the Jewish State in particular. It is also normal that 
the Jews and the Zionists should have got the UN to submit to their 
will to power and so decree that every year the six billion people 
who inhabit the Earth shall be reminded of the "Holocaust". The 
Muslim world has been awakening from its too long torpor for only a 
few years. It ought to have listened to the revisionists long ago and 
denounced out loud the sham of an alleged German project to 
exterminate the Jews, the alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged 
six million Jewish victims.   

Q: The Holocaust is (claimed) alleged to have happened in Europe so 
why is its commemoration being set by an international body like the 

Faurisson: Allow me to tell you that your question tends to prove 
that you haven't understood the warnings given by the revisionists. 
Whenever I, for my part, told Muslims: "Be revisionists! Support the 
revisionists! Try to understand that it's in your interest to do so", 
they would respond saying: "All that doesn't concern us. It's a 
matter between Europeans or Westerners, Jews or Christians. It 
happened in Europe." For me, such an answer was discouraging but I 
would come charging back saying: "Open your eyes! What makes for the 
strength of the Jewish State is the political support, rooted in 
supposedly ethical grounds, that it enjoys in the entire Western 
world, where people feel sorry for the Jews because they believe 
that, during the Second World War, the Germans sought to exterminate 
them physically, in particular in the alleged gas chambers (not to be 
confused with the cremation ovens, which did actually exist and about 
which there was positively nothing criminal)." If the whole world - 
in particular, Germany and the United States - lays out so much money 
to the Jewish State and if the media of all the Western countries 
overwhelm us with propaganda about the "Holocaust", it's because the 
citizens of all those Western countries, swamped with Jewish 
propaganda as they are, believe the "Holocaust" lie and, as long as 
they believe it, will feel bound to support the Jews and to supply 
the Jewish State and the Jewish Army with ever more money and arms. 
The more those in the West believe in the "Holocaust", the more 
Muslims they will kill and cause to be killed in Palestine, in 
Afghanistan, in Iraq or elsewhere.

Q: The resolution was first proposed by Australia, Canada, Israel, 
Russia and the United States, but it was also supported by former 
U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John C. Danforth and 
Congressman Tom Lantos, a Democrat from California, who belongs to 
the Jewish lobby; in view of these facts, how do you assess Jewish 
power on the international scene with regard to the issue?

Faurisson: The Jews' power stems directly from the Western world's 
near-total belief in the phenomenal lie of the "Holocaust". You 
needn't look any further.

Q: Mr. Faurisson, I know that like some other revisionists, such as 
Ernst Zundel, you have been attacked and beaten by Jewish militia for 
saying that the Holocaust is "the hoax of the twentieth century" and 
asking "Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber! Stop giving me just 
words". If the Holocaust story is true, why don't the Jews tolerate 
other points of view on the issue?

Faurisson: The Jews do not tolerate any questioning of the 
"Holocaust". Against the revisionists they use physical violence and 
judicial repression because, on the level of historical and 
scientific argumentation, they have been defeated hands down by the 
revisionists. We have been able to expose their lies, one by one. 
Therefore Jews and Zionists seek refuge in violence and intimidation. 
They treat revisionists like Palestinians.

Q: What has to be done on the international scene by Islamic 
countries to oppose such practices?

Faurisson: My answer is simple: Islamic countries need to destroy the 
Jews' and Zionists' veritable "atomic weapon", that is, the appalling 
and gigantic imposture of the "Holocaust" that up to now has been 
poisoning the Western world and is henceforth imposed on us by the UN 
in the entire world. In your public demonstrations and talks, repeat 
after the revisionists: "The 'Holocaust' is a lie". Have the courage 
to proclaim this salutary truth.



Robert Faurisson is Europe's leading Holocaust revisionist scholar. 
He was educated at the Paris Sorbonne, and served as associate 
professor at the University of Lyon in France from 1974 until 1990. 
He is a recognized specialist of text and document analysis. After 
years of private research and study, Dr. Faurisson first made public 
his skeptical views about the Holocaust extermination story in 
articles published in 1978 in the French daily Le Monde. His writings 
on the Holocaust issue have appeared in two books and numerous 
scholarly articles, many of which have been published in the IHR's 
Journal of Historical Review.

Known as the dean of the world-wide devisionist movement and 
principal teacher of Ernst Zündel, Dr. Faurisson first discovered the 
technical and architectural drawings of the Auschwitz morgues, the 
crematories and other installations. He was also the first to insist 
that only a U.S. gas chamber expert could unravel the technical 
impossibility of the Auschwitz homicidal gassing story -- as falsely 
told to the public for over half a century. Zündel mentor, advisor 
and trial witness in the 1984 preliminary hearings and in the 1985 
and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. Slated as expert witness for the 
1991 Munich trial of Ernst Zündel.


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