September 19, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

The power of the Net is amazing!

You may remember that I mentioned in a previous ZGram that Ernst has a videotape in his possession where agents of the Canadian KGB-type civilian spy agency, CSIS, brag that they are the "political police" and acknowledge that this agency bloody well KNEW that the ARA, the neo-Marxist hoodlum group the enemy is using to harass inconvenient patriots, has set the fire of May 7th of last year that practically burned down the Zündel-Haus, did more than $400,000 damage, and could have killed several people.

Ernst tried to interest the media, but it was not until we posted this potentially explosive item on the Net that there was serious interest.

Some of these latter pages, to be sure, are really an embarrassment and show the largely undisciplined and raucous nature of what is shaping up on the Nationalist front. More and ever more, the Net makes clear that the entire world is in the throes of the "Weimar Republic" where you have intellectual nihilism, chaos in the financial world, hoodlums being used by shadow governments who are rapidly losing credibility to harass, torment, browbeat and intimidate - and very clear delineation of just who is running the show and trying desperately to keep the genie in the bottle.

This Harvard web page is a perfect example - kind of a mini-cosmos reflecting global reality. In the sub-category "Monitoring Hate", you find, for instance, the Anti-Defamation League, The Anti-Fascist Web, the ARA, (that's right! the ARA!) and several other less-well known holohuggers, along with the almighty Simon Wiesenthal Center - who should change name and stationary, by the way, since the World Jewish Congress has now exposed their Austrian icon to be a liar and a fraud.

More and more, it gets to be an exercise in discipline just what items to choose for my ZGrams and just how to find the right tone. I want this daily service to reflect the nature of the emerging struggle, because I am quite sure that we are living now in times that are as fermenting and "storm and stress" as any yet experienced. The European trial run in the 1920s in Germany gave us a taste of what can happen when you have an entire people, forced into battering humiliation, unscrupulous financial ruin, extreme ethnic distress and unrelenting intellectual torpor, roused into action and redress - and renaissance. This time around, the repercussions will be planet-wide.


Thought for the Day:

"The last bulwark against the threat of mounting information and inquiring minds is the scare.

In 1850, the scare was "Abolitionist!" In 1896, "Socialist!" Today, it is "Racist!"

But behind the scare, because it is a scare, lies the problem each establishment dare(s) not touch."

(Robert W. Whitacker, in "A Plague on Both Your Houses.")

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