August 12, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Now there is talk that laws will have to be rewritten in Canada to please the Shrill Minority and get the villain Zundel out of Canada by other means than using governmental agencies such as CSIS and SIRC as hit squads, and in pre-emptive moves in case the people balk at spending more of their good money by the millions on one man's stubborn question mark - "Did Six Million Really Die?" - the good Canadian citizens are being treated editorially to some such as the following:

From the Toronto Star, August 3, 1996 -

(Title: Deny the denier)

"The federal government should do everything in its power to deny hate peddler Ernst Zundel Canadian citizenship.

Zundel, whose life's mission is to deny that the Holocaust ever happened, has won a legal battle with the federal government in his bid to become a Canadian.

In his ruling, Federal Court Judge Darrel Heald said Zundel was correct in his view that the Security Intelligence Review Committee is biased against him and should not be allowed to investigate whether Zundel is a security threat to Canada and therefore be denied citizenship.

However, Heald invited Ottawa to amend the law to make it easier to prove that the white supremacist is a security risk to the country.

Ottawa should move pronto on the advice. Zundel, who has lived in Canada for 38 years, has been convicted in his native Germany for his writings denying the Holocaust. He faces jail if he were to return.

Zundel is a disgrace in Canada and a criminal in his own land. He cannot be rewarded with the privilege of citizenship."

From the Montreal Gazette, August 3 - (Title: No to Ernst Zundel)

"The thought that there is even a remote possibility that hate monger Ernst Zundel could become a Canadian citizen is profoundly troubling.

Yet, there is. The Federal Court of Canada ruled in Mr. Zundel's favor Thursday when it decided that a review of a Canadian Security and Intelligence Service report on him would be biased. Allowed to stand, the ruling blows out of the water CSIS's seemingly reasonable conclusion that Mr. Zundel - a Toronto-based Holocaust denier and a purveyor of neo-Nazi hatred on an international scale - was a security risk and ought not to get the citizenship he is seeking.

Mr. Zundel was once charged with spreading false news, but that case was tossed out by the courts in 1992 because the legislation was deemed unconstitutional. Mr. Zundel freely admits that if he were to return to his native Germany where he has been convicted under Holocaust denial laws, he would quietly be locked away for life.

Yet he continues to look forward to the day when Canada grants him citizenship. He moved here in 1958 at age 19, and he threatens that if he doesn't get it, he will sue Citizenship Minister Lucienne Robilliard. So. let him sue.

Canada should deny Mr. Zundel the gift of citizenship. Citizenship is not a right, except to those born here. And Canada has the moral responsibility to deny citizenship to someone who would use the country as a safe haven from which to spread hate.

Ottawa's options include appealing the Federal Court ruling, probably the quickest course of action, and amending citizenship legislation to give the minister - or an appropriate body - the power to deny citizenship to those like Mr. Zundel who by their actions show they are not desirable citizens. Mr. Zundel is doubtless correct when he argues that Canada has granted citizenship to numerous undesirables over the years. That doesn't make it right and doesn't mean Canada should ignore his particular brand of nastiness.

If federal authorities fail to act, if Ernst Zundel becomes a citizen of this country, Canada will disgrace itself around the world as a refuge for hate mongers. And Canadians will have every right to be ashamed."

So much for lapdog media's poison pens. Now get this, in addition:

Canada is not "ashamed" that the CSIS / SIRC duo turned out to be crooked. It is not "ashamed" that it used its own spy agency and agent to smear the Canadian Right with the inflammatory label of "extremist." It is not "ashamed" that of only 7 incidents of terrorism in 1995 in all of Canada, two were directed AT Ernst Zundel - the pipe bomb and the arson - and a third against another patriot on the Right.

Canada is not "ashamed" that, according to a June 9, 1996 article in the Calgary Herald, the Immigration Ministry, the agency that tried to do its share to railroad Zçndel out of Canada, allowed 5,438 people INTO Canada in 1995 who had initially been barred from entering Canada as undesirables.

Specifically, the Ministry of Immigration gave approval to enter to 394 people indicted on a criminal offence for which a maximum sentence was 10 years or more - such as rape, murder or armed robbery.

Ten people suspected of sabotage and terrorism were let in by the Immigration Minister (then Marchi) and 1,155 criminals were allowed entry who committed offences punishable with less than 10 years in prison.

395 people who posed a health risk to the public were also allowed to enter Canada to take up residence.

Then contrast that with the supposed "harm" of one brave man who has lived in the country for almost forty years who simply happens to believe that there is nothing wrong with checking into claims about the Holocaust.

When you consider that millions of good people's money have been spent already to get Ernst Zçndel behind bars - and more will yet be spent! - you can surmise what is at stake here. Plenty.

It tells you more than you will ever want to know about the influence a small, vociferous minority wields against the very interests of Canada.


Thought for the Day:

"The beaver is a good national symbol for Canada. He is so busy chewing he can't see what's going on."

Howard Cable

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