June 17, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

In 1965, twenty years after Germany had been burned to the ground - with little left of a once-proud, defiant country but charcoal rafters, piles of rubble, ashes, dust, maybe a memory of what might well have been, had not the Marxist Enemy Within succeeded surreptitiously in getting brother to fight brother - I visited again.

I had been a small child when it all ended and thought I had forgotten much. When I came back as a young woman, it hit me like a fist: the smell of war! It still clung to the air molecules of Germany - two decades later! - and even though the Germans by that time, ostensibly, had dug themselves out of their "self-inflicted" rubble.

The smell of memory is strong. It's unmistakable. Last summer, I smelled it again.

Right after the arson of May 7, 1995 that turned the irreplaceable Zündel Library of some 5,000+ books to ashes, I was invited as a visitor to the now legendary Zündel-Haus on 206 Carlton Street in downtown Toronto. For about a week or so, I slept amid the soot and ashes of that outrage, and weeks after I left, the clothes and items I had carried with me still had the smell of war.

Just recently, I opened my suitcase again where I keep my permanent travel attire, and there it was. Again.

It's war. Let there be no mistake about it.

I remember I said to Ernst after the fire - and the parcel bomb that was sent in its wake: "Look, take the insurance money and come to the United States. You don't have to put up with this madness."

And Ernst said quietly: "No!" And not another word.

Friends who are close to Ernst have commented that something changed in Ernst's soul after that fire and bomb. Not many people see it, but I do, because I had the privilege of knowing him before the two assassination attempts - and I know that, then, he still felt gentle and appeasing toward his murderous detractors. He reached out to the Jewish community - again and again and again. There is a public record of how often he pleaded with them: "Let us reason together. While there is time. While we still can."

He is a changed man now. What is within this stubborn, iron peasant's soul can only be surmised by his tormenting opposition. For the past year or so, he has been very busy trying to retrieve his life's work from amidst charred remnants of his beloved intellectual properties while fending off the blows that have rained down on him, primarily judicially. There has been little opportunity for friend or foe to really see the change. But it is there. He is a warrior now - a warrior of the mind and spirit.

Since that fire and the bomb - two diabolical attacks with clear intent to kill - there have been three major judicial assaults against him in addition, two of which have now been neutralized, thanks to his splendid legal team - and to the Zundelsite:

1. First, the Sabina Citron suit claiming on behalf of Simon Wiesenthal et al - as if it were her business to speak for Simon Wiesenthal et al! - that Jews had been "defamed" by Ernst.

That charge has landed in the trash, as per Ontario Attorney General's experts who said that ". . . it couldn't be won" when it became transparent, thanks largely to the material on our Website where media now check everything in droves, that Canada could not politically afford to have the tax payers pick up the tab again yet one more time to prosecute Ernst Zündel and thereby satisfy some fancied Jewish grievances. As had been schemed and strategized! And as the State did twice before in the two ground-breaking Zündel Holocaust Trials of 1985 and 1988!

2. Second, the contemptible CSIS attack against Ernst, unleashed again thanks to voracious Jewish Lobby interests in Canada to get Ernst deported by having him declared ". . . a threat to national security".

As of June 11, as you now know, the resulting SIRC Hearings have been postponed "sine die" - which means, indefinitely. Again, what made the difference, seemingly, was EVIDENCE of lies, half-truths, distortions, graft, corruption and political shenanigans Ernst proffered up in open court in full view of the public, as well as pretty convincing material we heaved onto our Website for all the world to scrutinize.

3. One is still left - a private Sabina Citron suit for "libel" and "defamation" - a brand new legal challenge that is just barely gearing up. If justice once again prevails, it will be a clean Ernst Zündel sweep, as this vindictive woman is going to find out. She asked for it. What will come out of that case will be of her own making.

Ernst will never tell you this because he is a private man who guards his strategies. Some things he just keeps hugging to his chest, partly because he lives in Canada where there is no such thing as ethnic fairness and ethnic freedom of expression, thanks to that country's Leftist "hate laws". But I will. I will tell you. I live in the United States. I run the Zundelsite. And I can still afford to say some things I could not say in Canada.

And I will tell you here and now that that malicious fire is still smoldering in places you and I can only guess. One of my guesses is that it will play a major part in what will now be shaping up in this Sabina Citron suit, because some of the charges ask for it. To wit - well, never mind!

That was a racist fire and cannot rightfully be called by any other name - and Ernst knows some specifics about the racist fire bug. Some of it is on camera. Some of it is in the files of the police where it is heedfully kept under wrap. And some of it was slipped to Ernst by people in the streets who know who's who. What's what. And who did what. And for how much. And where that payment came from.

How much he knows, I cannot tell- but that he knows more than was put into the official records in the wake of that outrageous arson, I know as an absolute fact. Some reporters may or may not yet know. But let me tell you, many will. Before this mess is over!

Right after the fire, Ernst went through his burned items and found a robe a friend had given him for Christmas he thought he could still salvage - stinking of smoke, sooty and soaking wet and trampled on by the firemen who tried to soak the flames - and being the frugal German he is, when all was said and done, he tried to launder it. Before he threw it in the washer, he checked the pockets and found some cash a visitor/supporter had given him a day or two before.

He sent it to me in the original, singed envelope. I put it to good use. With it, the Zundelsite was born. I still have that singed envelope - just reeking of that fire. It's like a fist. It's permanent. If I just put my nose to it, I know what will have to be done. And one day, I will frame that envelope and hang it in the entrance of the Zündel-Haus as evidence that good can triumph over evil!

Let me give notice to these people - who have made Ernst's life's hell since 1981 when he asked "Did Six Million Really Die?" - it is plain madness what they intend to do. Of truth versus lies, this war of the spirit was born. In this war, they have long ceased being "victims". They have long since become the perpetrators. They have the roles confused.

They are no longer the aggrieved and blameless innocents - for what Ernst Zundel smells, and what he will air out, let me tell you yet one more time, is not a pretty odor.


Thought for the Day:

"One man with courage makes a majority."

(Andrew Jackson)

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