June 13, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

As my grandmother would say: "Today is the day when the angels just cannot stop smiling."

That day was yesterday!

First came the news about three judges in a federal court in Philadelphia extending the First Amendment's protection of Free Speech into cyberspace.

Describing the global computer network as a

". . . never-ending worldwide conversation," the judges said the government '. . . may not. . . interrupt that conversation. As the most participatory form of mass speech yet developed, the Internet deserves the highest protection from government intrusion . . . "

Words to the wise! Magnifico!

Then came even better news, as far as our struggle is concerned. In fact, I am still trying to absorb it. To put it very bluntly, we saw the government of Canada's flunkies take off, their tails between their legs - and, at least temporarily, withdraw their assault on Ernst Zündel!

As I told you in previous ZGrams, Ernst had prepared for a long, bitter summer, determined to unravel corruption and Marxist/Zionist shenanigans at the highest governmental level in a pre-emptive move. He planned to do this by having filed a motion of "Apprehension of Bias" against the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

Lawyers from the Ministry of Immigration, CSIS and the Solicitor and Attorney General's Office were also present and involved. These liberal-run lackey governmental agencies were to be used in a kangaroo court to ultimately deny Ernst Zündel his citizenship and, by an evil move straight out of Kafka's story, smear, vilify, malign and finally deport him to Germany to languish there in prison for having the audacity to ". . . doubt the Holocaust."

Last Sunday, Ernst took off with suitcases full of material and documentation, all ready to dig in for the summer in an apartment rented as a "Command Centre" for the long haul.

Meanwhile, with the help of one of Ernst's Toronto aides, I had already heaved onto the Zundelsite some of the all-important documents with links to still other documents, already on the site, and others still to come to illustrate wrong-doings and corruption.

Ernst's itinerary called for a Federal Court "Apprehension of Bias" hearing first (one day only, Monday) to be followed by KGB-type hearings (to start Tuesday and to last at least two weeks) - hearings that were supposed to be off limits to the public and reporters.

Well, Ernst's opponents hadn't counted on the Battling Barrister, defense attorney par excellence Doug Christie!

In Ernst's words,

". . . Doug Heald, a crusty old Anglo-Saxon stock judge, sat in the stately court room of Canada's west wing of the Supreme Court and listened patiently to the Zundel case being forcefully presented by Doug Christie.

Barbara Kulaszka, long-time legal researcher and herself an attorney by training, kept passing "motion records" - documents, photocopies etc. - standing there, tall and graceful, calm and determined, next to Doug, as though she were heaving up shells, which Doug proceeded to fire at the opposition.

They made an awesome team . . . !"

Well, what can I say? The Zundelists did it again!

The opposition turned ever more listless. They practically faded away! As reporters and the public kept drifting in and out, it became more and more obvious that the Zündel juggernaut was operating under full steam.

The public and the media sensed this, too. In the air was excitement and tension. Reporters kept asking Doug and Ernst questions during the breaks. Doug was asked to do a talk show on Ontario's most popular and powerful radio station, CFRB. The Toronto Sun's Bill Dunphy, a seasoned reporter who had already done some excellent detective work on the Grant Bristow spy story, kept abreast of the situation daily by calling Ernst for updates, details etc.

Says Ernst:

". . . our enemies tried bravely, but Doug clearly dominated the day and kept on hammering away, again and again, at the illegal and criminal acts committed by the CSIS spy, Grant Bristow, who had been caught spying against the Right Wing in Canada, courtesy of the Canadian tax payers' money.

Doug delivered with gusto, passion and conviction . . . "

Can't you just see it? The opposition saw it, too. It took all of two days' worth of a genuine Christie courtroom performance! (Remember that it was to last all summer . . !)

Court was adjourned on Tuesday at 2:45 p.m. after the judge asked for understanding that this was ". . . a difficult case and would be an important ruling" which he would need to take time to reflect on etc. For now, he said, he would defer judgment.

The idea, at that point, was till for SIRC to proceed with its closed-door, KGB-type hearings, and the SIRC judge, called the "Member in Charge", was planning to take on the case again where he left off - with Canadian Jewish Congress spokesman, Bernie Farber, on the stand, to keep on pummeling Ernst, now that the judge had decided that he would give his ruling at the end of these secretive, behind-closed-doors hearings.

It took all of 90 minutes for the opposition to decide that this was not at all a good idea! They pulled back in a lame-wristed gesture, declaring at 4:15 p.m. that the government had "decided to SUSPEND THE ZUNDEL HEARINGS 'SINE DIE" - MEANING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

"In fact," says Ernst, "this means that their scheme, this time, didn't work out as planned! They'll have to find another way to silence me! Or start from scratch? With a new judge? Who knows?

My feeling is that there is simply too much dirt connected to the "Heritage Front Affair Report" and the CSIS and SIRC's handling of it.

They don't want all the Leftist-tainted turns, twists and facts to come out in the open! The public would be horrified!"

Well, it may be too late for that one, too. Late yesterday came word that the work of the Canadian Parliament Sub-committee on Justice, which had previously investigated SIRC's performance - work suppressed until now! - has now been leaked to the National Canadian Press Agency and is being discussed in the papers!

What this means is that, while the Zundel hearings are on "indefinite hold", Zundelgate has barely started - or so, at least, it seems!

And the beauty and the justice of it is: Ernst doesn't have to pay for it! While he can go and have himself a cup of coffee - finally! - there will be more, in the regular press and in the public arena, about who really runs the government of Canada into the ground!

That's where we are today. The media pundits have the scent. And there are, luckily, still some with journalistic integrity who take pride in objective work. There are a few with human decency not yet bought off by special interests who are now rolling up their sleeves.

In summary, it looks as though, while Ernst is out of it for now, the CSIS and SIRC controversy has barely begun!


Thought for the day:

"Laughter is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one place."

(Josh Billings, 1818-1885)

Comments? E-Mail: irimland@cts.com

Comments? E-Mail: irimland@cts.com

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