June 10, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

As I am writing this, Ernst is holding a press conference from the steps of the Supreme Court in Ottawa, announcing the beginning of Zündelgate. Writes a ZGram reader:

". . . I wonder if the great 'Day of Judgment' foretold in The Bible might not be a time of karmic convergence, as it were, when all (the) chickens come home to roost, arriving together in one huge noisy flock: Revisionism and Palestine, Communism and Capitalism, etc. etc. etc.

Some days my instincts tell me such a "Day" cannot be too far off. Perhaps the dawn of such a terrible "Day" will be kick-started tomorrow on the steps of an Ottawa courthouse . . . . "

The essay below is your introduction to what is going to take place in Ottawa in weeks and perhaps months to come. I took it from the preface to the "Heritage Front Affair Report." Some of the content is already known to our seasoned readers. However, since my list is growing, and since I partly write my ZGrams for the sake of history, bear with me if I repeat and clarify.

Ernst Zündel was the first immigrant ever - and the youngest, not even 30 years of age! - who ran for Premier of Canada so as to give his ethnic group a voice in government. He saw what took us many years to see: that Canada was heading down the road toward Global Plantation existence if indiscriminate Third World immigration was not checked.

He thought that his kin deserved better.

Ernst was the first who sent a team to Auschwitz for hard forensic evidence with which to challenge the blight on his own people's name.

He felt that his kin deserved better.

Ernst was the first, last January, who triggered the Cyberspace standoff because of what he found, then and since, and wanted to share with the world.

He KNEW that his folk deserved better.

And now he is the first who moves the "Holocaust" from the realm of "what" and "how" and "how many" to "why". The very nature of the struggle will be changing. Pay close attention - after Ottawa the "Holocaust" won't ever be the same!

Here is the summary. If you have children, keep it - because the outcome will affect their lives:

. . . This summer, the citizens of Canada, weary to death already of Government corruption, will be experiencing "Zündelgate" - part of a globally unraveling story that pins Ernst Zündel's struggle for Truth in History and Freedom of Speech and Assembly against powerful interests now manipulating and largely dominating the political process in Canada.

Canada will thus become the next arena for an ever-widening quest for control of man's mind and man's soul. Specifics of this struggle will be available on the Zündelsite for all to see and judge - for as long as this is possible, and for as long as shrill minorities or government-inspired censorship do not shut down the Zündelsite.

For almost 40 years, Ernst Zündel has been at the forefront of a struggle to expose and sever the tap root of the "Holocaust" which has been shown to be a fraud and a political control device which has deteriorated into an extortion and blackmail racket at highest governmental levels.

Thanks to a politically intimidated, beholden media that serves a shrill minority, an uninformed and unsuspecting populace has, thus, not been allowed to see that the so-called "Holocaust" has long been the prime political tool used to shield self-serving individuals, organizations and even governments like Israel from proper critical review and justified criticisism by the public at large. It is high time to scrutinize the whole Holocaust topic - and the industry that has grown up around it - in an impartial, world-wide Commission of Enquiry by fair and neutral nations.

Ernst Zündel is a Human Rights activist, known world-wide for his contention that the Holocaust story is largely blood libel against his father's generation, his German people and the German nation.

Zündel's political detractors' contention - a dogma now adopted by the Canadian Government, it seems - is that he is a "hate monger" who needs to be "disarmed", deported and imprisoned.

The main tool to achieve this goal in Marxist-Israeli fashion is a document called The Heritage Front Affair Report - produced after a sensational and constitutionally questionable spy operation by Canada's internal spy agency, CSIS, against perfectly legitimate Right Wing groups and individuals.

Zündel contends that Leftist and Jewish interests are using the Canadian government and its agencies for their own ends - specifically, for their own political agenda. This agenda, he believes, includes an illegal and maybe even criminal use of government resources and manpower to silence and criminalize the Right Wing of the political spectrum in Canada.

By tying Zündel, however tenuously, in with all kinds of groups and individuals whom the political oligarchy has already marginalized and wish to criminalize in order to stop or deflect Right Wing criticism of their own criminal policies, the powers-that-be obviously think they have found an easy way to also ". . . get rid of Zündel" at the same time.

According to his political opponents, Zündel is supposed to have been the "intellectual Godfather" of the "Heritage Front", an organization that was, and is, entirely legal and which was originally conceived to have been a vehicle for uniting large factions of frustrated, angry fragments of the Canadian population into a prudent, coherent and non-violent political lobby or advocacy group to safeguard the rights of traditional elements and segments of the Canadian population and to achieve traditional goals - such as a country free of an immigration and refugee policy run amok.

Zündel's argument, which he will prove this summer, is that the "Heritage Front", it seems in hindsight, was inspired, specifically created, directed and partially financed and manipulated by a paid government agent employed by CSIS and, indirectly, by nefarious political interests within that agency to set up inexperienced, frustrated but trusting young people within the conservative political spectrum to do illegal things - such as harassing and intimidating their Leftist opposition.

This spy agency policy, says Zündel, CREATED a climate of confrontation polarizing the Left and Right in Toronto, thus justifying governmental "knights-in-shining-armor" intervention.

This was done by means of infiltration of a spy, Grant Bristow, who worked undercover for this civilian spy agency called CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service.)

Part of this story of corruption, like pieces of a puzzle, have already been exposed by the regular press - for example, by the Toronto Sun's Bill Dunphy - and other media sources. When this happened, the media and some members of Paliament raised serious questions in the public mind about the functions, legality and methods employed by CSIS, and how such actions could be reconciled with Canadian tradition in a democratic society with many divergent and often diametrically opposed opinions and political agendas.

After an uproar in the press and Parliament, the government "investigated" itself - that is, the actions of their spy agency - by means of another supposed "watchdog" agency, called SIRC (Security Intelligence Review Committee). In other words, the wolf was passing judgment on the wolf - at the request of wolves in higher echelons.

An emotionally charged report, called the Heritage Front Affair Report came out of this "investigation" - concluding, in essence and in self-serving, gushing language, loaded with smear words and negative, stereotyping language hurled at people of the Right, that Grant Bristow had acted "properly", and so had CSIS, and that the citizens of Canada owed Bristow and CSIS gratitude for being so vigilant and clever.

Some members of Parliament and media pundits called the Heritage Front Affair Report a "government white-wash."

Ernst Zündel has stated:

I had little interest at first in the "Heritage Front". I knew some of the people who tried to band together to advocate the rights of many Canadians who happen to hold conservative beliefs and who resent the encroachment on Canadian life by so-called "liberal" ideas and agendas - such as unchecked immigration and refugee policies harmful to this country.

I was not involved in the "Heritage Front" directly, however, and had nothing to do with their organizational or decision-making process. I was never one of its officers or so-called "guiding lights."

In fact, I never even read the Heritage Front Affair Report until just recently, when I realized that it was meant to be the lynch-pin against me in the Kangaroo proceedings now taking place before SIRC, although I knew that I was mentioned in this Report more than a dozen times.

However, since this document is now used as the main weapon against me to try to get me criminalized and then deported to Germany, where I will face up to five years in prison for wanting to unveil the true face of the "Holocaust", I have no choice but to fight back.

What does this mean?

Here's what this means: This summer, Zündel will attempt to put the spy agency, (CSIS) the agency overseeing the spy agency, (SIRC) and, indirectly, the entire government and its interference in the democratic process to public scrutiny.

Zündel's opposition will attempt to prove that he is a "security risk" to Canada. They will do so, using secret testimony by secret witnesses behind closed doors, with the public and the media barred from being there, whose names, political agenda and affiliation(s) he will never know and whose expertise he, therefore, cannot challenge.

The tax payers will pay for these Star Chamber proceedings.

With his own limited resources, Ernst Zündel will attempt to prove that this Heritage Front Affair Report is part of an unwholesome mess created by a politically beholden and motivated Intelligence Agency and its so-called "Review" body working hand in glove to interfere with and curtail, if not subvert, the constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech, free assembly, free association of citizens and residents of Canada. The whole Right wing of the political spectrum, so his opposition hopes, it seems, is to be neutralized by this action.

Zündel believes that with the end of the Cold War, the featherbedding, perks and cushy jobs of the Cold War spies and provocateurs in the Intelligence business were threatened and in danger of coming to an end. Certain people, used to and having been taught KGB tactics, desperately needed a new kind of "enemy" and territory in which to work, and thus created new kinds of "security threats" - to justify their budgets and existence.

That method is not new. It has been used repeatedly by intelligence bureaus the world over, particularly Marxist governments.

These people think they have found the new "bogey man" in the unsuspecting citizens of Canada who feel betrayed by their government and are starting to organize in Right Wing organizations such as the Reform Party and the "Heritage Front". Suspecting nothing of the foul play, the long-suffering public and taxpayer will once again underwrite a totally unnecessary and politically motivated venture to further and benefit the aims of the Left which has insinuated itself like a cancer into all levels of Canadian government and its institutions in the last 50 years..

Ernst Zündel:

The forces of repression, which have turned the Intelligence Agency into a gangster-like hit squad for the politically well-connected Holocaust Lobby, will have to face the music.

My citizenship application hearings were only meant to achieve for the Holocaust Lobby what all the courts in the country have refused to do to date: namely 1) to criminalize me, and 2) to please the Holocaust promoters and to kowtow to their political agenda.

The immoral thing is that the Intelligence Agency, SCIS, established to protect the country from real enemies, is now being used to interfere in the legal and constitutionally guaranteed right of people living in Canada in pursuit of their ideas and philosophies of life. We are talking institutionalized coercion.

It is wrong on the part of government and especially its spy agency to interfere with, and subvert, the democratic process in Canada - which it did, by funding, staffing and helping to organize questionable activities of this supposedly dangerous, "racist" "Heritage Front"!

The "Heritage Front" never really belonged to "the people." It was largely the tool of the spy agency, managed by their agent, Grant Bristow, who was the Security Chief of the organization. Grant Bristow, their own agent, was the driving force behind this organization.

Why do I say that? Since Bristow's exposure by the media , the "Heritage Front", to all intents and purposes, has become defunct. Tellingly, there have been no spectacular meetings, no harassment campaigns, no confrontations, no anticipated "violence" - nothing.

The government spy agency, through its agent/provocateur, in fact CREATED a "right-wing racist threat" - and when the press exposed their agent who was causing this mess, the threat miraculously ceased to be a threat.

In Canada, Right Wing beliefs might no longer be fashionable or politically correct. They are, however, not illegal, much less criminal - at least not yet!

If my political opponents succeed in criminalizing me by using the pretext of the "Heritage Front Affair Report" in making a test case out of me, within hours or days I will be arrested and deported in handcuffs to Germany to face up to five years in prison there - because the German vassals, in spiritual bondage to the Israel Lobby because of what is called the "Holocaust", have decreed that you MUST believe in the Holocaust. It is the law in Germany.

Well, Holocaust skepticism is not yet against the law in Canada.

Will this "security threat/deportation" scenario happen? Not if I can help it. Not without a struggle on my part.

Thus, once again, I spend my life's savings to fight for the survival of my life's perfectly legitimate and legal work. But I fight for more than that - while fighting for myself, I am loosening the stranglehold on Canada by a corrupt, callous, self-serving political cast - a cast which has ruined and bankrupted this country with its harebrained schemes and Marxist policies.

The politically appointed Security Intelligence Review Committee did such a cover-up and white-wash of the questionable and quasi-illegal activities of the Intelligence Agency - and its chief operative, the paid spy Grant Bristow - that it stinks to high heaven. Their "report," replete with Marxist jargon and McCarthy-like labeling of politically undesirable people reveals their ideological bent. And the Canadian public are beginning to smell the stench of this boil on the heart of Canadian life . . .

We have posted the report on our website. People are now coming forward with affidavits, documents and leads that challenge the lies contained in (the) disgusting and misleading report. Wherever there is a challenge to specific lies in this document, you will see a link that will take you to the truth of what was said and what was done - by people either not interviewed by SIRC investigators or only cursorily spoken to so that the claim could be made an "investigation" had occurred. Even when they gave important information, their testimony was rejected out of hand.

These affidavits and other evidence will largely invalidate the statements and claims made by Bristow and the Agency. On occasion, they will reveal that, in fact, the exact opposite was said or took place from what was claimed by Bristow, CSIS and SIRC.

These initial affidavits, however, are only the beginning. Other crucial documents are still kept in reserve to be introduced in proper time in Zündel's defense. The detective work to unearth the truth, which was supposed to have been the job of SIRC, and for which they received their fat salaries and perks, has barely begun. Zündel will reveal what they have tried to hide.


Thought for the Day:

"We are confronted by a condition, not a theory."

(Grover Cleveland)

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