June 7, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I worked all day yesterday on the English-version Zündel Power Letter, which I largely put together by myself this time to free Ernst to concentrate his mind on Ottawa. It is always a job-because it is 10 pages long! My previous ZGrams came in handy - I could simply lift text and ideas.

Below is a much shortened version. If there is some content that you have read before, please bear with me-we have a lot of brand new readers.

Here is what Ernst tells his supporters as he is preparing to fend off the most vicious assault so far on his work and his life:

To my friends around the world!

This promises to be a long, hot and tiring as well as expensive summer for me in Canada, but I am undeterred-for as never before, the Revisionist cause is making stupendous global headlines.

I have always been honest with you, and I want you to share with me what's happening. I want us to band together as never before, and I want you to understand how serious the situation is for our cause and for me, but also that there is comfort and strength in unity.

Revisionism continues to catch people as though it were an outbreak of the measles - the latest being some truly high caliber people in England.

Imagine this headline, for instance, written by Bernard Josephs, {Jewish} followed by excerpted text quoting Sir Leon Brittan {Jewish} and Michael Howard {Jewish} in the Jewish Chronicle, May 10, 1996, page 9:

"Brittan opposes Euro-law against Holocaust denial.

European commissioner Sir Leon Brittan has lined up with the British government in opposing moves to make Holocaust denial a criminal offense throughout Europe.

Addressing an audience of Jewish communal leaders, European diplomats and MPs in London last week, Mr. Brittan warned that such legislation would endanger freedom of expression.

'If we have a law to stop people saying things, even though they are palpably untrue, then God help us', he said. . .

'It is one thing to incite hatred and another to express views, however disagreeable, on historical events.'

The comments of the former Home Secretary were in keeping with those of Prime Minister John Major and Home Secretary Michael Howard following the government's refusal to join in EU counterparts in declaring Holocaust denial a criminal offense.

In a letter to Board president Eldred Tabachnik, Mr. Major had argued that such a move would be tantamount to 'suppression of opinion.' "

And, even further down:

"Asked about the need to protect Jewish interests in Europe, the commissioner (Britton) said his impression was that 'the issues on Jewish representation is needed are important, but limited.. . .

If the freedom of speech means anything at all, it includes the right to be wrong and tendentious, and the right even to cause offense. And if we, as Jews, now live in comparative security, it is largely because we have the good fortune to live in societies where such freedom is taken for granted.

The whole process of historiography is one of revision, not only because new facts and documents come to light, but also because even established facts can be reassessed and reinterpreted, for one generation rarely sees events through the perspective of another.

To demand laws that the received wisdom surrounding the Holocaust should forever be insulated from the process goes against every dictate of reason.

Such laws are wrong in principle and are ineffective and possibly harmful in practice. . .' "

And, commenting on Revisionist work:

"Any attempt to stifle their work, however, will always lay one open to the suspicion that one has something to hide. And nothing such people can say is quite as damaging as the suppression of their right to say it."

Those are stupendous concessons! From the Jubilee, September-October issue, we lift the following:

"The simple fact is that 'they' are out of control. They have lost control of the minds of Americans; they are losing the battle for our minds." (Jubilee, Sep/Oct issue)

Süddeutsche Zeitung, (4. 5. 1996, page 13, translated) had this to say:

"As to the theme Holocaust, you can be sure that it will be around, Goldhagen and Klemperer notwithstanding. It is less a question of morality than money. . .

In France, Abbe Pierre is considered a saint. He saved many Jews during World War II. Politicians (and) Jewish organizations used him for decoration. Now that he asks for debate on the Holocaust, he has been cursed.

The Revisionists ask for debate. They are eager to put their facts up for public scrutiny. Why do the Holocaust officials have so little confidence in their own facts . . . ?"

Says Ernst:

Just think that your donations, large and small, caused all this to happen! I am now heading for Ottawa with my trusted small team of legal advisers. We had already worked weeks on the Apprehension of Bias motion and had interviewed several dozen people, many of whom we asked to make out affidavits, some of which we filed, which clearly indicate a bias by SIRC and a pretty one-sided and jaundiced, shallow, slip-shod investigation by the SIRC investigators into the activities of CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and especially the statements of its "human source" as they called him-their spy and co-founder of the Heritage Front, Grant Bristow.

If you want to read the Government's version, the Spy Watch Dog's whitewash report, you will soon find it on our website with the necessary corrections and additional information. If you want an original SIRC copy of the report on a computer diskette, call the Solicitor General at 1-800-667-3355 and ask for the "Heritage Front Affair Report". It is free, courtesy of the taxpayers of Canada. They will send it to you.

(The confrontation) will take Herculean strength. But I have never lost resolve, because you are my comrades and supporters. I owe you a full explanation and give it every month, and you and I know that we have found some uncomfortable but liberating truths. The enemy owns the lies.

We have come this far, by being frugal and penny-pinching but not stingy. When expensive experts had to be hired, we hired them and paid for them. When competent lawyers had to be retained, we paid good people for good work. When expensive camera, video-, radio- and computer equipment was needed, we scraped the money together and bought what was necessary. When a website became feasible, we went out and set one up.

We did whatever it took-all of us, together. We are modern and true freedom fighters-and freedom never came cheap, not yesterday and not today! Remember: I fight, therefore I am.

Ernst Zündel

So much for the excerpts of the Zündel-Haus June Power letter. I talked to one of his attorneys yesterday and know that the team is undaunted. Nobody knows how this summer will turn out, but one thing we know with absolute, total conviction - and that is moral certainty.


Thought for the Day:

"The sword on the law should never fall but on those whose guilt is so apparent as to be pronounced by their friends as well as foes."

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)


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