May 11, 1996

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I planned to tell you today about my Seattle lecture trip, but late last night I edited Ernst's latest Power letter and thought that a segment thereof would be more interesting to share.

Just very briefly, to bring a fascinating matter into better focus:

Let's say you are a young, white, very angry male who has a grudge against illegal immigration, quota hiring, reverse discrimination etc.-to use just some examples. You learn about a group that feels the way you do. It has been set up by a shadowy person who seems to have a lot of money and even more ideas-even romantically dangerous ideas. You join that group. You find companionship, comradeship and purpose for your life. You sit around, discussing this and that, and find you have a lot in common. You even get others to join.

One day this leader says: "It's very clear to all of us that we cannot depend on government and its institutions to solve our grievances for us. Why not do such-and-such?"

If you're a young, white, angry male, you might just fall for it.

What you don't know is that your "leader" was sent by your own government to set you up to talk about, if not do, such-and-such - and your own parent's taxes paid for it.

That's what the "Grant Bristow-Heritage Front Affair Report" is really all about.

Grant Bristow was a plant, paid for by Canadian taxes, sent by the Canadian civilian spy agency to not only monitor but DIRECT the activities of the Right Wing "Heritage Front" into questionable areas that were not in the interest of law-abiding citizens.

How does Ernst Zündel's deportation matter fit into all of this? Grant Bristow, of all people, was the leader of the Heritage Front and is the "tool" the government will use by means of the Heritage Front Report to show Ernst Zündel is a ". . . danger to the security of Canada."

Ernst Zündel says that that's all upside-down; it is Grant Bristow and the Dark Forces BEHIND the government whom Bristow served in his capacity as spy to trap unwary folks who are the real threat to the security and interests of Canada, and that if the Canadian people learn how they were tricked and made to play into the hands of shady left-wing interests, agencies and government officials beholden to those left-wing agencies, they are not going to like it one bit.

The portion below, taken from the May Power Letter, pertains to breaking information about what shapes up as a Canadian "Zündelgate"-the unraveling of questionable if not illegal activities pertaining to some individuals and agencies involved in trying to mastermind Ernst's deportation to Germany on grounds that he poses a "danger to the security of Canada."

"The hidden players pulling strings in Canada against the Right Wing movement are the real danger to that country," says Ernst Zündel, "which is what I will prove."

Here is part of his Power Letter:

". . . After Sabina Citron's madcap charges were dropped as spurious and frivolous, it now looks as though the malicious-and, for our opponents, extremely dangerous-Security Intelligence Review Committee Hearings are now apparently "on hold" til the day after the Federal Court Apprehension of Bias Hearing on June 10, '96.

Once more, here is a capsule summary: The initial resumption date of these hearings that were to pave the way for criminalizing me and then shipping me in handcuffs to Germany had been set for May 6.

Then, out of the blue and at the last minute, the Committee asked for a surprise postponement until May 13, 1996. This was a big surprise to us. We had our flights all booked when word came that the date was off!

The official reason given for the April delay were clashing schedules and on-location hearings by the Committee in British Columbia-most likely to hear some of those "secret witnesses", "experts" etc. in camera.

In reality, the postponements may well indicate a need on the part of our enemies to regroup and adopt a slightly different strategy. The Spy Service has undoubtedly intercepted faxes and telephone calls to my office, which show them that we have all kinds of affidavits proving criminal activities by the government's spy and the Civilian Spy Agency itself.

Next came another revelation and surprising concession to us. It just so happens that Doug Christie, my stellar attorney, wants to run for the provincial Parliament of British Columbia, and had applied to the Committee for a postponement of the hearings after the B.C. election date 28 May 1996. The request was granted; that's why the hearings will only start after we have appeared in Federal Court on June 10, 1996.

I always like to put myself in my enemy's shoes. It would seem that it would have been to my enemies' advantage to throw a monkey wrench into Doug Christie's plan. Our opposition didn't do that, though-which we interpret to mean that they could have been in need of more time to gather their own ammunition in light of our correctly prepared legal moves.

The hearings will begin on June 11 or shortly thereafter-unless the Federal Court rules that SIRC is indeed biased against me-and then only the gods know what will happen!

Meanwhile, I want my friends and enemies to know that Zündelgate preparations for the SIRC "Bias Hearings" in Federal Court continue at top priority. A brief recapsulation of what this issue is really all about:

After I had been declared a "security risk for Canada," the enemy strategy was as clear as the claws unsheathed by a tiger: I was to be criminalized by means of the "Heritage Front Affair Report" (called by the Opposition in Parliament a Government white-wash!) and taken out of the political landscape by being deported from Canada to Germany and, it was hoped by my enemies, subsequently imprisoned in Germany.

In a countermove, we are now challenging the Intelligence Hearings against me on grounds of illegal bias of SIRC in Federal Court before an independent judge who will look at the sections of the Heritage Front/Grant Bristow Affair documents where we allege and can prove bias.

Grant Bristow, as you will remember, was the undercover spy planted by the civilian spy agency who is clearly an instrument of the Dark Forces. Grant Bristow was the man who tried to get the Right Wing Heritage Front to do illegal things in order to smear, trap and criminalize the Right Wing movement in Canada.

In preparation for what is surely bound to happen this summer, all kinds of Heritage Front leaders and activists have already been interviewed for our TV and radio programs for future broadcasts dealing with this disgusting "Heritage Front Affair." Affidavits of eye witnesses and participants have been taken and notarized which completely contradict the officially adopted CSIS Spy Grant Bristow version of events.

SIRC-the alleged "watch dog" of the spy service-had simply ignored these people, and thus did not find out the truth-conveniently for them, but not so convenient for the good people of Canada!

Some of these affidavits have already been filed with the Federal Court. Others are being kept in reserve by us. A Federal Court motion was prepared by our legal team to ask the Federal Court to allow oral testimony by these live witnesses to these events, which were ignored or purposely suppressed by SIRC. An additional request has been lodged with the =46ederal Court trying to get Grant Bristow to testify in person and to subject himself to cross-examination. We also want the three members of Parliament who were part of a Parliamentary Committee to testify. These members of Parliament investigated the Bristow Affair in far more detail than SIRC, and some of them have called the SIRC report a "white wash" of the Canadian Security Intelligence Services' partially illegal or questionable actions.

We have also unearthed the names of over one dozen people who were approached by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to spy on the perfectly lawful activities of their fellow Canadians. We believe we have also identified three other active spies or informants who will still have to be exposed.

The gist of it all is that through this June 10th court date I am putting the Government and its special interest groups on notice that in an open court, accessible to both lapdog and alternative media, a very ugly mess will start unraveling. The postponements I mentioned above will help to shift the calendar somewhat in our favor in that we will have the Federal Court revelations up front, out in the open, and part of the public record and backdrop before the Intelligence Hearings resume!

Hopefully, mainstream media will begin to dig into our allegations and look at our charges. I know that alternative media will! . . . "

There will be more in weeks to come. This story has barely begun.


Thought for the Day:

"The biggest gap in the world is between the justice of a cause and the motives of the people pushing it."

(John P. Grier)

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